Investment Planning

We believe proper investment management is tied precisely to an individual’s financial plan. We manage each of our client’s portfolios to meet the specific purpose they’ve identified for their money, whether retirement planning, legacy planning, or other goals. We do not manage assets to arbitrary benchmarks, but instead seek to maximize performance for each client’s risk tolerance and circumstance.

Our investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT is derived from the extensive, ongoing academic research by the world’s leading financial economists who are teaching professors at the University of Chicago, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and MIT. Modern Portfolio Theory can be described as the construction of a portfolio with multiple asset classes that will result in greater returns, without a higher level of risk based on statistical measures such as variance and correlation.

We believe that in liquid capital markets, prices reflect all publicly available information. This information includes a portfolio company’s strategy, financial and non-financial performance, risk, capital structure, social and environmental impact, corporate governance, and more. As such, we believe that prices of securities reflect the aggregate risk and return expectations of investors and that competition among market participants drives prices toward fair value.

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