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At Legacy Financial, we believe personal financial planning is more personal than it is financial.

We help create peace of mind by understanding you personally and implementing an evidence-based financial planning method in order to achieve your goals. We plan on the fact that your plan may not go according to plan – and that’s where we do our best work. When situations change, we will adjust your plan, so you do not have to change your goals.

Having a plan is a good start. Continuous financial planning is where your goals come to fruition.

Legacy Financial Group is passionate about helping people achieve full confidence in their investment decisions so that they achieve incredibly abundant and successful lives. Our philosophy for building a successful client experience is through an enduring relationship, objective and fiduciary advice, and the alignment of investments with clients’ unique needs, goals, and dreams.

We offer comprehensive wealth management services, including investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, education planning, and detailed advising on all financial aspects of our clients’ lives.

To provide the highest standard of service, we are intentional and selective in who we take on as clients. This ensures every client gets our full attention and care.

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