What to Expect

Our team at Legacy Financial aims to put every person that crosses our path at ease. We recognize the honor and privilege of having input into our client families’ lives and strive to steward that responsibility well in the care we offer. You can trust that the information you share with us will be entirely confidential. We work with clients nationwide and internationally –  especially with the advent of Zoom, distance is not an issue, and we are happy to meet virtually or in person.



The key to the successful long-term relationships we have with clients is starting off with the right fit. That is why before we bring on a new client, we go through an extensive information-gathering process. Only with a complete understating of someone’s long-term financial goals can we determine if we are best suited to help them succeed. Additionally, we want to effectively demonstrate our expertise, experience, and trust to the point that you feel there is no doubt we are the firm that best serves your needs. As such, until you have chosen to implement our recommendations under our care, there is no charge or expectation.



After assimilating and synthesizing the information gathered in the introduction phase, we get to work formulating your financial plan. Once the framework is constructed, we present the plan outline with specific steps on maximizing the probability of achieving your lifelong goals, whether that be retirement planning, education planning, legacy planning, something else, or all of the above. Again, until you decide to hire Legacy to assist with a guided implementation of these recommendations, this is complimentary.


We typically describe implementation as a rocket ship launch. There is often a lot of heavy lifting to get your financial life in order. Investment implementation, savings strategies, tax planning, asset location, and estate planning are just a small sampling of the first steps in getting your plan into action. It may feel like a lot of movement without going anywhere, but once we get you off the ground, it will seem like you are traveling towards your financial destination at lightning speed.

Ongoing Review

There is no such thing as a one-time financial plan or a “set it and forget it” investment strategy. Your life is complex, and things are constantly changing. That is why we meet often (at least annually) to continually fine-tune and tweak your plan. There is undoubtedly a to-do list that we will continue to dwindle down over time as we move you closer to the culmination of your investment goals. Ultimately, we strive to see every client take their most important goals to fruition.

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