Why Legacy

We are passionate about helping people achieve full confidence in their investment decisions so that they achieve incredibly abundant and successful lives. Our philosophy for building a successful client experience is through an enduring relationship, objective and conflict-free advice, and the alignment of investments with their unique needs, goals, and dreams.

We offer comprehensive wealth management services including investment management, retirement planning, tax planning, estate planning, education planning and detailed advising on all financial aspects of our clients’ lives.

In order to provide the highest standard of service we are intentional and selective in who we take on as clients. This ensures every client gets our full attention and care.

Clients engage our firm as an advisor to:

    • Help them create a financial and investment plan that is aligned with their goals and needs.
    • Make smarter investment decisions that are based on empirical evidence rather than forecasting.
    • Harness the power of the markets to increase expected returns and avoid unnecessary risk.
    • Make work optional in the future and leave a purposeful and lasting legacy for their family.

Behind the Leaf

Behind the Leaf

In designing our symbols, Legacy sought to represent the hard work and achievements of our clients, alongside Legacy’s participation in the stewardship of their resources and relationships. Our clients are part of our story, and we are part of theirs.

Legacy’s Leaf represents the investment of time and resources and the discipline of executing the little things on a daily basis to maximize potential growth. This is the nature and fundamental principle of compounding – reaping a reward from a series of small, wise choices. Compounding applies to finances, health, relationships, and everything else. In everyday moments, decisions may not feel significant, but the results are immense.

The Leaf also represents seasons. Every client we work with goes through different seasons of life: the loss of a loved one, a loss of a job, an unfortunate diagnosis – or retirement, children graduating from college, the birth of a child, the sale of a business, and so on. All different seasons. And this is yet another fundamental principle of life – we all experience seasons, and we find that what leads to success and strength is the decisions made during those seasons. We have the choice to stay disciplined, to nurture resources and relationships, and to continue in persistence, effort, and diligence.

The “LF” for Legacy Financial is placed inside the Leaf and carries an expectation of quality, service, and attention to detail. The LF at the heart of the Leaf also represents that regardless of which season you find yourself in, Legacy Financial is walking through it with you.

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